Healing Yoga & Gong Evening

Healing Yoga & Gong Evening 

Friday 24th March @ Old Village Hall 

7pm till 9pm

A perfect Mothers Day gift to share

yin gong

Experience the Magical sounds of Kanti’s Crystal bowls, bells, chimes and healing Gongs as Rosemary guides us to take up residence in our bodies in subtle yet effective Yin postures to enhance & stimulate Chi flow through the Meridians of the body.

Rosemary & Kanti will lovingly create an environment that will aid in clearing energetic pathways and refuelling your energy . Working together to re-establish the balance and harmony.  A gift of loving kindness and compassion to ourselves, yin yoga whilst being bathed in the sound healing.

The gongs & singing bowls are powerful instruments that bathe the entire body in powerful sound vibrations or tones, which can affect you at a cellular level. You are literally being re-tuned.

Sound therapy is a very relaxing experience and can be great for dealing with stress, can promote deeper sleep & the flow of prana/chi in the body, realigning & rebalancing you energetically.

Different sensations may be felt in the body as the sound vibrations clear through the nadis/meridians (energy channels), sometimes manifesting as twitching of body parts.

You can feel deeply relaxed and ‘at one’ with everything after receiving a sound therapy session and it is an experience that is totally unique for everyone.

The combination of Yin Yoga which opens the energy channels + the Sound is a powerful one and can bring deep healing on all levels.

Its going to be a super charged evening of healing and we can’t wait to see you there

                      love Rosemary & Kanti R_K

looking forward to this beautiful evening with you all. love Rx




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Investment £25.00

Healing Yoga & Gong evening

** Please note that all class fees are non-transferable and non-refundable 

What to bring:

Mat, Bolster, 2 blocks, blanket (bring what you have we have some to share)