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Tuesday 7.30pm at Scaldwell


 Hot Yoga

1st Session ~  9.30 to 10.45am  Hot Vinyasa Flow –  Intermediate

A vibrant and uplifting Hot session to blow away those winter cobwebs leaving you bright and light as we step into Spring, this Vinyasa Flow practice will most definitely  be an energising start to your weekend, for those who have some yoga knowledge and love the challenge

2nd Session ~ 11.15am to 12.30pm       Hot Hatha –  Open to all – Beginners welcome

Hot Hatha Yoga is a more static practice that is open to all- no Yoga knowledge required,  just a positive attitude to have fun, breathe and smile 🙂

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Hot yoga differs from other forms of yoga is that classes are performed in temperatures 25 – 30 degrees with humidity mimicking the climate of South India where most forms of yoga were originally practiced. The heat is very comforting and encourages the body to detoxify through sweating. It also warms the muscles and joints to promote flexibility and deeper detoxification. For more details regarding classes, what to expect and its benefits – just click here