Rest & Restore Yoga Evening

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Rest & Restore an eventing of theraputic Yoga

Friday 26th July 7pm till 9pm – Om Studio Kingsthorpe 

Yoga never stops amazing me with its depth and power to transform, I have been committed to practice for a long time now and use an array of yogic techniques to support my clients to reclaim their bodies, minds and lives – it’s such a joy to see them walking better, changing their lives in a positive way, so when I came across SATYA somatics (as taught by Tias Little) I was really ✨Wow’ed✨ by how the simple, slow, refined movements with a deep sensitivity truly unwind, heal, balance the body and mind.


Enjoy a totally different way of moving!

Discover this floor based workshop which teaches you to move in a way that helps to break muscle tensions and dis-ease within the holding patterns of our body and training the brain to relax the key muscles. Hugely beneficial if you are a sports person or athlete, are suffering from injuries, old or new, habitual tightness or tensions, or have an illness that prevents you from attending a regular yoga class.

This 2 hour workshop is open to everyone even if you are new to yoga or have found it difficult in the past because we work with small gentle movements on our backs, side and front, no sitting, kneeling or standing postures. This deeply relaxing but beautifully strengthening practice also works in a corrective way, increasing flexibility by creating brain to muscle awareness and re-education.

Learn to listen to your body, experience freedom in supported movement.

WHAT is even more super is that it is open to Non-Yoga people as it is floor based, so if you have:

✨Aches & pains

✨ Have you been to a yoga class and it was just too much?

✨Or maybe your a yoga lover who wants to enhance their practice?

✨Have you got a current injury that prevents you from doing what you love?

✨Would you like to move easier, and learn some techniques to help support your body?

Booking is essential as there is limited space – use the drop-down box if you are booking for you and a friend

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