Summer Urban Day Retreat ✨



Invite ✨Abundance ✨Empowerment ✨Vitality

into your being with the practices of Yoga


Summer Urban Day Retreat

with Rosemary Booker & Brigitte Riley 



Sunday 7th July 2019 – 9.30am to 4.30pm

Water Hall Primary School, Milton Keynes, MK2 3QF


You are invited to explore the season of Summer through the practices of Yoga. Learn how you can improve your health and wellbeing at this precious time of year, feel inspired, renewed, open, radiant and illuminated with the positive energy of Summer.

Experience a deeper connection to yourself and your inner subtle energetic body.  Access the central structures of your being with soothing, flowing, awakening movements that access your inner reservoir of energy, reducing tension and fatigue. As you blossom living your life as the best version of you this summer time.

You will familiarise yourself with the inner energy pathways through a chakra inspired ‘Vinyasa flow’ practice providing you with freedom of movement from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. 

After your delicious plant-based lunch from your very own retreat chef, Gayatri who’s personalised approach to preparing and cooking food is not only delicious and healthy but also healing to both body and mind.







Your chef Gayatri & her delicious creations – 

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Contented and refreshed you will be guided through a healing ‘Somatics’ practice where you will rest on the floor using the earth as support as you decompress, undulate and unwind your body, balancing hormones and bringing your body back to its own healing rhythms.  Feeling blissful, open and ready to delve into a longer hold ‘Yin Yoga’ practice bringing you towards a meditative state for you to experience a quieter mind, a sense of inner peace and deeper gratitude for your life.








Schedule for the day

9.30am – Arrive, settle and join us for a herbal infused summer morning drink

10am – Opening circle a guided opportunity for you to set your intentions for the day

10:30am – Enjoy an energising ‘shot’ of goodness to support your experience and wellbeing

10:45am – Solar powered, breath-synchronized, chakra inspired ‘Vinyasa flow’ practice, ultimately energising and healing to both your body and mind.

12:15 pm – Delight in an extended energy balancing guided Savasana, feel deeply replenished

12:30 pm – Delicious, bright, plant-based buffet lunch inspired by Summer made with love by our very own retreat chef Gayatri

1:45 pm – Afternoon is time and space for you to let go, allowing the earth to support you as you experience a ‘SATYA Somatics’ practice.  Profound, healing, effortless, you will feel more spacious with a sense of freedom and wellbeing

3.00 pm – Followed by a ‘Yin Yoga’ practice where you can continue your effortlessness, accessing a deeper meditative state, stilling the mind, encouraging within you a feeling of release and peace

4.20pm – Savasana – will complete your embodiment practice leaving you feeling grounded, inspired, empowered and ready to enjoy your Summer

4.30pm – Closing circle to affirm our intentions, celebrating our day together and seal our friendship with a herbal tea or a cool drink – then homeward bound feeling renewed, replenished and read to take on your life with passion

Your investment in this day retreat includes all energy inspired practices, relaxing unwinding afternoon yin practices, mediations, community, a delicious plant-based lunch, herbal infused drinks throughout the day and friendship


£80 per person

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** Please note all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable

A day of abundance, empowerment, vitality, friendship, fabulous cuisine and inspiring yoga practices


Meet your yoga guides and hosts for the day















Rosemary Booker

Rosemary is a Registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (Teacher Trainer), she has been guiding students in the art of yoga and lifestyle now for over 12 years. She believes in yoga for life and takes every opportunity to share the tools and practices, that have helped her to positively evolve with others. Rosemary is a friendly, approachable teacher, her host of knowledge shines through, as she seamlessly blends the spiritual and physical. Her classes are inspirational, challenging but at the same time playful, she takes great care in creating a non-competitive yoga space for which her contagious enthusiasm uplifts others. She is passionate about offering plenty of hands-on adjustments so that her students leave her sessions feeling re-aligned, strong and joyful on every level. She also specializes in focused breath work which opens the mind to experience clarity and deeper meaning. Rosemary shares her teachings in Northamptonshire, UK, via classes, 1:1’s, specialized workshops, mentoring for yoga teachers, teacher training’s, short courses and retreats in amazing places.


Brigitte Riley

Brigitte has been an established yoga teacher for 17 years. She is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, which is the highest accolade in professional yoga teaching. She is always evolving her teachings and is particularly recognised for her in-depth anatomy knowledge. Her expertise lies in correcting misalignments within the outer physical body, as well as teaching yoga practices that promote therapeutic healing for the inner subtle body. She is also known for her love of fluid creative vinyasa flow, her unique playlists, her inspiring writings, her philosophy on life and her ‘keeping it real’ wisdom. Brigitte’s authenticity, natural warmth, playfulness, and heartfelt approach radiate through into her teachings. Her mission is to encourage students to not only open up their bodies but also their minds, so that they may discover new levels of healing, opportunity, possibility, creativity, transformation, and adventure in order to live the most amazing life possible. Brigitte teaches weekly classes and private’s in the UK, as well as vocational yoga teacher training courses and mentoring for yoga teachers. She also teaches both specialized workshops and yoga retreats nationally and internationally.

£80 per person

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** Please note all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable


The Venue

Water Hall Primary School is an award-winning school building on the south side of Bletchley in Milton Keynes. Once inside, we are completely ensconced in the privacy of this warm, bright spacious venue that lends itself to holistic events. The large studio has a sprung wooden floor, under floor heating and light flooding in from all angles of the huge high windows. We have access to a kitchen and there here is also a lounge area with tables and chairs, there is also plenty of space for equipment and personal belongings.

This school won the Inspirational Primary School award in 2009, given by the British Council for School Environments, and a Royal Institute of British Architects award for Design Excellence in 2010.