Yin Yoga ‘The Radiance Sutras’




Yin Yoga ‘The Radiance Sutras’

Part III the Finale

Friday 10th June  – 7pm till 9pm 

Venue:  Old Village Hall












Its the final episode of Yin Yoga and the ‘Radiance Sutras’ this nurturing practice with a nourishing edge

Practice is open to all who want to experience deep restorative rest – NO Yoga experience required

We will begin with a grounding session of Yin Yoga a long hold practice to slow us down from the week, connecting to our body and breath.  This section of the practice will also introduce you to the Radiance Sutras a delightful text that brings together the love & the beloved, Shiva & Shakti, Yin & Yang the opposites we embrace to feel whole

Yang will bring us back introducing a little more movement, providing us with a flush of Prana a recirculation of freshly energised blood awakening our internal awareness

Then it time to slow it all down for a deep and restorative rest, this practice will leave you feeling nourished and awakened.  This is the delight of Yoga

Our evening together will close with a warm grounding drink, a little nourishment and a chat with your yogin friends

Blessed to share this practice with you

Om shanti – Rosemary 

Part III – Friday 10th June

Investment £20 

Give yourself the gift of Yoga

  • Yoga mat and blanket (I have a few mats let me know if you need one)
  • Bloster (if you don’t have one please contact me when booking as I have a few I can lend out)
  • 2 brick blocks
  • Extra layer and warm socks