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‘Back Health & Happiness’  

5 Week Course

Beginners or returning to yoga

Monday 6pm @ The Om Studio FULL
Tuesday 6pm @ Scaldwell Village Hall (This is the class if you are new to yoga – 2 places available)
Thursday 9.30am @ Scaldwell Village Hall (also suitable if you are new to yoga – 2 places available)
All of us from time to time suffer with lower back pain in our lives and we don’t have to these sessions will be focused on relieving tensions from the back, buttocks, legs which will reduce general back pain.  Once released we will develop a strategy to strengthen the back and abdomen so that you have skills to support your own back wellbeing

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Back Health

Who is this suitable for:  
  • Those who suffer from general back pain, maybe you sit at work or lift and feel that twinge in your back occasionally.  
  • If you have suffered from back pain in the past, this maybe general back pain or herniated, degenerating disk wear and are looking for ways to manage and not too sure where to go next.
  • Know you have a weak back and want to live life pain free and are prepared to work to make that happen

Not suitable for:

  • Acute back pain, currently in spasm and recent back injury, current herniated disk – 1 to 1 private Yoga Therapy would be advised in this instance – email me



‘Back Bending awakening to potential’  

5 Week Course 

Intermediate level / Current practitioners 

Monday 7.30pm @ The Om Studio (Full)
Tuesday 7.30 @ Scaldwell Village Hall (5 places available)
There is nothing more awakening and stimulating than opening the front body, feeling that rush of prana in the heart soon opens you to the opportunities that life holds for you.
I spent a lot of time going to Yoga class in the early days and always coming out with lower back pain and thought it was all just part of the practice – NO it doesn’t have to be. 
We will share time developing the breath that will support your opening, the techniques that allow length in the lower back and not compression, how important it is to open the shoulders and the hips to allow this even spinal curve and yes of course how we strengthen the back so that we can feel stable, capable and strong enough to support us.
Spring is such a great time to open so if your feeling it come and join us – limited space so please book here if you are ready to open up to magnificence 

‘Back bend with ease’ Tuesday @ Scaldwell 7.30pm

Who is it suitable for:

  • Current yoga practitioners who would like to work towards a deeper opening in their backbends.
  • We will look at the peak pose Urdhva Dhanurasana over the 5 weeks together and the kramas that take us there.

Not suitable for:

  • Current back injury 

Any questions please contact me