Yoga and sound evening ‘Diwali Celebration’


Yoga & Sound Healing evening


Its a Diwali Celebration 


Sunday 27th October – 5pm till 7pm @ Old Village Hall


Rosemary and Kanti bring you an evening of healing with a unique blend of Yoga to ignite your energy and clear the channels within the body so that the healing sound of the Gong and percussion can releases blocked energy that is holding you back from being all that you are.

This evening coincides with the Celebration of Diwali a Hindu festival that celebrates the light, along with the time in the Northern Hemisphere where we change our clocks which moves us into the darkness of the Winter Months.

This time of Autumn early Winter is the transitional time where we move from expansion to contraction, see how the plants and the trees move from outward flowering to an inward state to survive the Winter.  We celebrate the light that has let us flourish, we let go as the trees let go of their leaves letting nothing hold us back as we retreat inwards to replenish.gong3

Our evening itinerary will look a little like this:

  • Arrive and be greeted with the application of a Tilak a Bindi mark to the forehead a traditional gesture that we enter into a spiritual practice together (optional of course)
  • As we join together for practice we will take a short Lakshmi Pooja again it is traditional to honour the Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and good fortune
  • Theraputic Yoga practice with a structured flowing movement supporting you as we move from expansion to contraction
  • Take supported shavasana as Kanti shares her sound healing skills showering you with the vibration to take you inwards for a deeper healing experience.
  • Together we will connect and prepare ourselves for the next part this years life cycle
  • Finally we will share traditional Diwali sweet and savour treats as an offering to each of us that our transition through life is supported with love and abundance the energy of Shri Lakshmi
  • Please note that you do not need any yoga experience to be part of this evening, just a willingness to relax and let go 

Paradi Yoga Northampton


This will be a very special evening which Kanti and I  would love to share with you



Investment – £35 per person

Reduction for multiple purchases


How many places


What to bring:

Bolster, Blanket, Mat and blocks

Water for you

A flower or an offering for the Altar (if you are feeling it)

Venue Address:

Old Village Hall

Charles Close