Yoga reduces high blood pressure

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Yoga reduces High blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure & Yoga 


As a regular practitioner I know that yoga keeps me calm, focused and reduces the build up of anxiety. I put this to the text by taking my BP at different times of the day and before after my yoga practice, every time it was lower, my mood lighter and my resting heart rate reduced.

So when I watched last weeks

’Trust me im a Doctor’ 

I was not surprised to find out the following:

All details below are direct transcripts from this show – check it out yourself on iplayer.

Research group 

The group took 3 classes a week and practiced 15 mins a day at home this was Yoga NOT fitness, hot sweaty yoga (thats another thing)

It reduced BP by 9mm of mercury around the same as the recommended amount of aerobic exercise 

So 2 to 3 months of Yoga could see you BP reducing to healthy levels 

and and increase in your Mental well-being test group showed a 38% drop in Depression 63% drop in anxiety both factors that can lead to high BP


Yoga v’s Aerobic exercise

Yoga acts in an opposite way to aerobic exercise by slowing down the  body it acts by calming the arteries relaxing them creating a more constant flow.   Where as aerobic exercise acts on strengthening the heart muscle making the heart pump stronger.

So you get the same effect by both but they act in different ways.

Therefore it’s best if you can do both cardio fitness and slow mindful yoga.

Yoga can give you the opportunity to reduce your BP to healthy levels so that you do not have to take medication (always consult your Doctor)

Regular sessions of yoga can make a really difference to BP and the findings of this research mirrors other research undertaken in the area of Yoga BP research. 

So if cardio exercise is not for you,  yoga is a great alternative and if you current do cardio exercise you need also to introduce some Yoga into your life to gain optimal heart, lung heath.

What are you waiting for Book a class today.


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