Yule time Yin Yoga by candle light


Friday 6th December 2019  7pm – 9pm

@ Yoga Trees Studio 

Join me for 2 hours of Yule Time Yin Yoga by candle light.  Take time out to unwind and be guided through a full body experience to release tension, work deeper into the connective tissues of the body and calm the mind.

Candle lit Yin is a deep, meditative and often profound practice.  Infused in longer more passive holds, the yin style involves surrendering in poses and exploring the arising sensations, feelings, thoughts and belief patterns having the intention to let go of those stored tensions and brining about a state of calm and stillness.

Our focus will be on bringing energy to the ‘minister of power’ the kidney chi (prana) which becomes very depleted in the colder darker months adding the stress of Christmas to the mix can leave us feeling exhausted and over whelmed.

Yule time Yin will give you time to rest, to bring deeper energy flow to the kidney chi whilst our theme of Yuletime and Goodwill to all will lift the soul and support our open hearted Christmas cheer.

This is the last Friday night Yin of 2020 so please do come join me for another epic Yin yoga immersion.